Oseyus: The SPAN to SIPREC Gateway

Cloud-Based Voice Recording with Asterisk or SIP PBX.

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Break Away

If your IP PBX is locked to your On-Premise voice recording solution then you can change that with Oseyus.

How does it work

How Does It Work ?

The Oseyus Gateway monitors calls passing through the PBX and translates them into a recording protocol that Cloud-Based recording systems understand. All this happens seamlessly and you can be up and running in less than 15 minutes.


Session Recording Client

Oseyus performs the function of a SIPREC SRC and connects upstream to a vendor that supports the SIPREC protocol.


Download as a virtual machine or as software that can be run on an existing system.

SIP Tracing

Oseyus logs all SIP data locally so you can review calls on a technical level.


Any SIP capable PBX or soft-switch. Oseyus can be installed on the same Asterisk server or connected to a SPAN port in the switch.


Call Encryption using TLS and Secure Media (SRTP) are included as standard. This allows calls to pass over the internet securely.


Aggregate offices to use a single Cloud-Based Recording Solution